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"It's The Goodbye Johnnys!" says Faster and Louder
There are few things in life that I love more than '77 style punk rock. So when I hear '77 punk done well, I'm always a happy camper! On that note, I offer my ringing endorsement of the latest album from The Goodbye Johnnys out of Zürich, Switzerland. It's called Disaster Control, and it was originally released on vinyl in 2015. Just last week, the band made it available as a free download via Bandcamp. It's the kind of record I can never get enough of: slamming three-chord punk rock built on a love for The Ramones, Clash, Johnny Thunders, and (especially) The Saints. I dig the songs, I dig the energy, I dig the sound. And no track is longer than two minutes and 46 seconds! While it's easy to pick out the influences, The Goodbye Johnnys are not doing a straight copy of any of those bands. How refreshing it is to hear a band that knows the difference between a Ramones influence and a Ramones imitation! These fellas do what more bands ought to do: revisit a classic musical style yet still make it sound vital and exciting in the year 2016. If, like me, you're wild about first wave punk, check out Disaster Control. You can't deny that the price is right! (20.01.2016)

"The shadow of the original Saints" says i94bar!
The shadow of the original Saints looms large in most places where people give a toss about punk rock but Switzerland seems the most unlikely. Think Switzerland and banks, cuckoo clocks and expensive chocolate spring to mind before "Nights in Venice" but then you've probably never heard of The Goodbye Johnnys. The Goodbye Johnnys are named after a Gun Club song and hail from Zurich but Petrie Terrace, Brisbane, (circa 1976) is their spiritual home. Their LP sounds a lot like the early Saints with less sonic leakage and a few rough edges filed off. The Saints were a unique collision of rock and roll roots ('50s and '60s) music, downstrokes, attitude and youthful ennui. The Goodbye Johnnys are too old for much of that and couldn't be expected to replicate it. What they do well is churn out chunky and uncomplicated songs that will appeal to old school punks and people who wish they were. There's more underground music in Switzerland than you might think and the country's geographical location and commercial nature invites outside influences. So it is with The Goodbye Johnnys whose background tells a tale. Expat Scot and sometime Australian and London resident Crawford Smith vocalises and plays guitar. Bassist Michael Hertz is a crime novelist who's worked in drug harm direction. Drummer Peter Baldinger used to play in an Alex Harvey tribute band among a hundred others. Second guitarist Manual Kobel is a newish addition. "Disaster Control" has 10 songs and they're musical enough to avoid being lumped in with the output of all those anonymous second wave UK punk bands. As you might expect of guys who have been around the block a few times, The Goodbye Johnnys can play.
There are no surprises on "Disaster Control" but there are some good songs. Opener "Pay For The Crime" sets the pace with "London Nights" and "Year Of The Zombie" other stand-outs. Production is a bit sterile with Smith's vocals right up front so you won't need a lyric sheet.It's an LP but The Goodbye Johnnys have a Bandcamp where you can listen before buying (name your own price) and your choices are vinyl or a download.

"They sound like the 77 Punk we like so much" says 1 minuto de gloria about a Goodbye Johnnys show!
"No obstante, durante el concierto la banda derrochó energía y estilo. Nuestro oído no nos engaño y lo que apreciamos antes, se materializó en algunos temas de sonido muy setentero, sencillo y amacarrado que podria firmar cualquier cockney de extrarradio que pasease arriba y abajo por el East End, al final de la década."
Lehendakari, 1 minuto de Gloria
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"Cuts like a hot razor blade through swiss cheese" says Plastic Bomb Magazine about "Disaster Control"!
"Der Song "Dirty River" geht mir zum Beispiel auch schon seit Tagen nicht mehr aus dem Kopf. Starke Platte, läuft rund und ohne Huckel durch und selbiges auch noch eie ne heiße Rasierklinge durch Schweizer Käse!"
Basti, Plastic Bomb, No 92,2015
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OX likes the melancholic moments
"Auf diese Weise macht das Debutalbum der Goodbye Johnnys eine rundum gute Figur..."
Matti Bildt, OX Fanzine, No 122, 5/2015

Best Singles 2012 on WFMU: 19. The Goodbye Johnnys "Night Will Fall"
A great honor for the Goodbye Johnnys! 19th place in single of the year 2012 on the Evan Davies show from New York City.

"Good punky sounding stuff" says WFMU DJ Evan "Funk" Davies!
click the link below for the playlist to hear the Goodbye Johnnys new vinyl single "Night Will Fall" on WFMU:
The Evan "Funk" Davies Show on WFMU, September 5, 2012

"Gelungenes Debüt" says OX Fanzine!
"Goodbye Johnnys machen gut abgehangenen Punkrock, der nach speckigen Lederjacken sowie nach SPERMA und TNT riecht und sich sicherlich hervorragend im Vorprogramm der Guitar Gangsters macht."
OX Fanzine #104, 05/2012, S. 87

"Sehr hörbarer Amipunk" says Plastic Bomb Magazine!
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Plastic Bomb, August 2012

"Für eine erste Single völlig in Ordnung" says 3rd Generation Nation Fanzine in a overwhelmingly emotional manner!
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3rd Generation Nation Fanzine, August 2012